Voice App Development

Voice App Development

We create voice apps, custom to you 

Customise a centre for all of your services
Effortlessly market products and services to your customers
Establish a presence on Google and Amazon stores

Voice Skills

Through the formulation of Alexa and Google Home skills, we will provide you with the ability to seamlessly integrate voice into your projects, tailored to your needs and interests.

Create Voice Skills

Deliver custom invocations for your brand

Use custom words and names
Create a place to access all your services
Book neighbourhood services
Enquire on Events and Activities
Enquire for maintenance
Voice App Development
Voice App Development

Skills For Marketing

Help advertise your brand through your Alexa Skill

Provide updates on building projects
Answer questions about your business
Display your products
Provide access to your brand's goods and services

Presence on the Amazon and Google Stores

Provide neighbourhood or precinct services, promotions, public services, and restaurants.

Available on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Compatible with most Smart Speakers
All data in Amazon Web Services cloud
Full Authentication and Security
Links to Mobile App and Concierge Portal
Voice App Development

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