Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Create bespoke mobile apps, formatted and designed to your interests

Customised Connecx 

Deliver unique and novel services with your customised Connecx app. Utilise the app to innovate and formulate services, creating a unique user experience for your customers,

Tailor to your brand

Personalise aspects of the Connecx app for you

Change images to fit your services
Customise with brand logos
Refine the app theme
Adjust the formatting for your ease
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Custom Features

Add new features specific to your business

Create New Pages
Add Distinctive Features
Include Services and Controls unique to you
Schedule Bookings and Appointments

Publish Your App

Allow customers access to your services 

Published on iOS and Android
Compatible with iPads and Android Tablets
All data in Amazon Web Services Cloud
Full Authentication and Security
Links to Voice and Concierge Portal
Mobile App Development

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