connecX Mobile App

connecX Mobile App

Carry your home in your pocket

The ConnecX App Puts Your Room, Apartment, Building And Precinct At Your Fingertips. 
Available on iOS and Android
Compatible with iPads
All data in Amazon Web Services Cloud
Full Authentication and Security
Links to Voice and Concierge Portal

connecx App

Deliver full control from your mobile app in apartments and other residential settings.  Use the app to market your new properties and win sales by promoting the digital innovation of your developments.

Control your Spaces

Provide a simple app control for your smart spaces

Control Lights & Blinds
Control Climate & AV
Use Smart Locks for remote access
Monitor your Energy Consumption
Store Important Documents
connecX Mobile App
connecX Mobile App

Provide Community Services

Provide personalised services to your building or facility residents

Facility Bookings
Guest Registrations
Building Notices
Community Activities
Movie Times

Connect with your Surroundings

Provide neighbourhood or precinct services, promotions, public services and restaurants.

Service Bookings
Precinct Promotions
Community News
Public Transport Information
Links to Local Businesses
Links to Third party Websites
connecX Mobile App

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