ConnecX Portal

Connecx Portal

take your hotel to the next level of guest experience with connecx

Use the connecX portal to connect to your residents 
Powerful Web Portal
Tailored to your specific Needs
All Data synched with Mobile App and Voice
Full Security and Authentication
Powered by Amazon Web Services

Connecx Portal

Deliver full control over resident information, news, notifications, facility bookings and service bookings with the connecX portal.  Use the portal to upload important documents needed by residents or staff.  Manage tasks and maintenance activities. 

Manage your Spaces 

Use the connecX portal to connect with Building Spaces 

Manage Bookings for Facilities
Set-up Apartment Information
Set-up Residents/Owners/Staff
Allocate Residents to Apartments/Rooms
Manage Facilities

Coordinate Communications 

Use the connecX portal to communicate with your Residents 

Set-up a Building Notice Board
Provide Building Notices as Notifications
Collate News for your Community
Exchange Messages with Residents
Upload Files for your Residents to access

Provide Services 

Use the connecX Portal to set-up Community Services for your Residents 

Create a Services Directory
Manage Service Providers
Provide bespoke Services for your Premise
Manage Service Pricing
Review Service Bookings by Residents

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