Aged Care

Senior Care

An innovation bringing greater levels of independence and confidence to your age care residents.

Bringing advanced AI technology to senior living communities, their staff and management. 

Voice Control in Rooms and Across Facilities
App Control for Staff and Residents
Third Party System Connectivity
Administration Portal
Analytics & Data

Connecx for senior living

Using voice and app control provides both senior living residents and staff with a greater degree of independence in their day to day activities.  Do away with paper-based notice boards which are time-consuming to maintain and difficult for residents to read and replace them with a bespoke voice assistant who can answer residents important questions, call for assistance specifying the details of the request, provide activity details and control in-room smart technology such as TV, lights, blinds, and temperature.  connecX will cut down the time your staff spends on nurse calls and general operational activities. 

Expand Resident Independence

Senior independence is important to the physical and mental wellbeing of an older adult

Control TV, Lights, Blinds and Temperature
Provide News, Activities, Menus and more
Add-on to the Physical Nurse Call Button
Medication Reminders

Reduce time for staff 

 Increasing time for quality care interactions 

Triage Nurse Calls with Ample Upfront Information
Decreased Nurse Calls due to Greater Independence
Ability to Log Activities via Voice
Talk to Patients via Smart Speaker

 Gift your community the technology edge

 Elevate your senior living community above the rest 

Attract residents through improved living services
Keep families connected via mobile app
Market the level technology in your community
Gain valuable data through voice requests

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