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with your residents, customers and partners

The connecX Smart Building mobile app allows your customers to engage with their residence, building management, concierge or their community.  The connecX app provides smart room controls as well as news, booking services and announcements. Our bespoke voice skills will create a unique experience for your guests.

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Bring voice to your customers and guests

Our connecX voice control capability allows your customers to engage with building management, concierge services, front desk and service providers through smart speakers.  We partner with Amazon, Google and Apple to provide voice control for smart room controls as well as service bookings and in-room calls.


The connecX portal provides a one-stop shop for building, management, concierge providers as well as facility staff. The portal provides functions to manage resident details, service providers, facility calendars, delivery management, news management, promotions and so on.



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Our Services

We provide a wide array of software hosting and development services.

Proof of Concept

We create simple, rapid prototypes which can be used to test the concept efficiently and cost effectively

User Experience Design

We customize the voice and app experience to suit the user experience you have in mind for your customers.  This can include branding, images and layout as well as bespoke voice interactions

Software as a Service

We provide connecX as a SAS cloud platform, connecting to all third parties centrally, providing many connections out of the box for our customers

Support and Maintenance

Our specialised support team wil be on hand to maintain your apps and voice skills in order to keep them up to date and ensure continuous availability

About Us

COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: An Exciting Evolution for connecX

connecX Pty Ltd has come together with Epsilon Security, Smart Automation Systems, B.Energy and Fibercorp to form Smart Urban Properties Australia Limited (SUPA), Australia’s first unified converged services provider to multi-occupancy precincts and properties.   In coming together to form SUPA, connecX continues to operate as connecX Pty Ltd under SUPA Tech and improve the lifestyles of the communities we serve by delivering inspiring buildings and occupier experiences.   Whilst we are now part of a larger organisation, importantly, for our customers, our partners and our people; the directors, management and team at connecX remain the same.   So, it is business as usual with the benefit of connecX now being part of a much larger, like-minded company to provide expanded services, greater value and elevated experiences.       

Through three new operating divisions of SUPA Energy, SUPA Networks and SUPA Tech, we’re bringing renewables and mobility; super-fast fibre and communications infrastructure; integrated in-building technologies, platforms, and apps together to create smarter, safer, and more sustainable multi-occupancy properties.   SUPA is invested in your building’s future and is on your side to increase multi-occupancy property attractiveness, valuation and occupier pride while reducing construction and operating costs and helping with occupier’s cost of living.   Thank you for your continued support connecX, we look forward to sharing more about SUPA with you and continuing to be at your service.   Welcome to the smart urban property revolution.  We’re on your side.

To learn more about smarter, safer and more sustainable urban property solutions and investment opportunities, please follow us on LinkedIn or visit www.smarturbanproperties.com.au.


connecX is a registered cloud platform developed and managed by connecX Pty Ltd, owned by Smart Urban Properties Australia Ltd.  Our company specializes in occupant experience and smart building automation.  connecX also pioneered voice control in buildings in Australia with the Smart Voice platform, providing a voice-enabled IoT platform for non-cloud automation products such as Schneider Cbus, NAC, SHAC, Nero and Dynalite.

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Our partners

connecX is built and deployed on the Amazon AWS cloud plaform.  We are an AWS registered partner and pride ourselves on being a first in the market deployment partner for Amazon Alexa in the building industry.